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    Used Omega watches are very popular, the brand is one of the most well renowned in the industry and especially sought after as vintage watches. The brand has been leading from the front of technical innovation for many years and is famous for its quest for perfection in all aspects. The brand Omega is today often associated with James Bond, and in fact the world famous agent has been wearing Omega watches for several of the lates movies. One of the lastes technical innovations from Omega is the co-axial movement. The technology behind this is patented and the movement is said to have better precision, be more tolerant to wear and tear and to require service less often than traditional automatic movements.

    Omega Megaquartz

    At the Basel Fair in 1970 Omega unveiled a model called Omega Megaquartz 2400. The model is today a very well known Omega vintage watch. The first moel produced however, was a prototype, and it wasn't until 1974 that the model was available in stores. Omega Megaquartz 2400 had a guaranteed maximum deviation of one (1) second per month. This was at the time approximately 10 times more accurate than any other movement on the market (it remains a very impressive performance to this day). The technology behind this wonder was a disc shaped resonator vibrating at an at the time unheard of 2,4 MHz.
    Omega Marine Chronometer
    Vintage Omega

    Omega Marine - a popular vintage watch

    In 1937 Omega presented a watch which was waterproof to a depth of 135 meters. The casing was made of several parts, and an inner core sliding into an external case in a matchbox-type fashion. This solution helped protect the most exposed part of the mechanism, the crown. Omega Marine is today a very popular Omega vintage watch.

    Used Seamaster

    In the post-war period, the attributes most sought after during the war remained popular, namely toughness and precision. Enter the Omega Seamaster. These watches are very sought after, not only on the used Omega watches market but on the vintage market as a whole. The Seamaster collections made good use of the latest automatical movements, which at the time used a rotor spinning a not-quite full circle before hitting a spring, then bouncing back to return the movement. The models came with both preassure- and screw-down casings in several different materials. Only a few were made of the rose gold variant though, and they remain highly sought after on the vintage watch market today. In 1956 Omega introduced movements utilizing a rotor that functioned like most modern automaticals, i.e. rotating a full circle. Both earlier and later models of this type are popular vintage Omega watches.

    Vintage Omega Constellation

    Omega Pie-Pan Constellation is the name of a model first introduced in 1952. It was immediately popular thanks to the eye-catching dial with 12 facets. The model has been manufactured in many different variants, all of which remain very popular on the vintage watch market.

    Omega lowers the caratage

    With gold prices soaring after the war, Omega took to producing watches in only 9 carats. However, all segments of the market was covered by the simultaneous release of other models in highet caratage. The results of this strategy is that today the same used Omega watch model may be available in 9, 14 and 18 carats respectively.

    Omega Constellation vintage
    Pie-pan från Omega

    Used Speedmaster watches

    The Speedmaster series is another one of Omega's classics. It was first launched in 1957 and has ever since been manufactured in a number of different variants. The most famous part of the Omega Speedmaster saga is undoubtedly when it was selected by the National Air Space Adminstration (NASA) and qualified for use in manned space missions.

    Popular used Omega watches

    Below is a list of approximate valuations for used Omega watches. Please note that the prices are to be considered as indications only - Omega vintage prices are depending on numerous factors such as market demand, condition and secific details, all of which may raise or lower the price. Examples of details rasing the value of a vintage Omega watch is documentation proving previous ownership by a celebrity or a low production number. A typical detail which may lower the value is a restoration of the dial or other aftermarket parts.

    ModelYearEst. value
    Omega Marine steel1937ca. 3.500-4.000 EUR
    Omega Megaquartz 24001974ca. 1.100-1.900 EUR
    Omega Marine Chronometer Constellation 19800741975ca. 2.000-3.000 EUR
    Omega Seamaster De Ville1960'sca. 500-700 EUR
    Omega Pie-Pan Constellation Grand Lux version1952ca. 4.000-6.000 EUR
    Omega Pie-Pan Constellation steel1952ca. 800-1.100 EUR
    Omega Regular1960'sca. 400-600 EUR
    Omega Constellation Cloisonn? dial1960'sup to 7.000 EUR
    Omega MK II1969approx. 800-1.200 EUR
    Omega Speedmaster 1251973approx. 1.300-1.600 EUR
    Omega Trench Signal Corps USA-ca. 700-1.000 EUR
    Omega Royal Air Force1941approx. 800-1.100 EUR
    Omega Cosmic Square Moonphase-approx. 4.000-6.000 EUR
    Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch1960'sapprox. 900-1.900 EUR
    Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch1990'sapprox. 1.300-1.700 EUR
    Omega Equinoxe1980'sapprox. 800-1.100 EUR
    Omega Olympic LED1973approx. 800-1.100 EUR
    Omega Digial Time Computer1973approx. 400-600 EUR
    Omega Military Chronograph1910'sca 6.000-8.000 EUR
    Omega Seamaster XVI rose gold1956approx. 3.000-4.000 EUR
    Omega Cosmic 2473 2471/11930's-1950'sapprox. 3.500-6.000 EUR
    Omega Seamaster Chronometer for T?rler-approx. 1.500-2.500 EUR
    Omega Ranchero1959approx. 3.000-4.000 EUR
    Omega Speedmaster Professional 145022 145.0221970approx. 10.000-12.000 EUR
    Omega Seamaster Chronograph 145.006-661963approx. 2.000-3.000 EUR
    Omega Speedmaster Professional MK V1968approx. 2.000-3.000 EUR
    Omega Speedmaster Professional MK IV1975approx. 1.000-2.000 EUR
    Omega Speedmaster Professional MK II1968ca 1.500-2.500 EUR
    Omega Automatic Chronograph FIFA1970approx. 3.000-4.000 EUR
    Omega Flightmaster steel1968approx. 3.000-4.000 EUR
    Omega Speedmaster Memomatic1960's-1970'sapprox. 1.500-2.500 EUR
    Omega Seamaster Ploprof1972approx. 1.000-12.000 EUR
    Omega Seamaster 2001973approx. 1.000-1.700 EUR
    Omega Stardust Constellation1972approx. 3.000-4.000 EUR
    Omega 121900'sapprox. 800-1.200 EUR
    Omega Geneve Dynamic-approx. 300-500 EUR

    Omega maintains their own database where you can search for information about older models: Omega databas